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How To Make Money by Affiliate Marketing

Many people wants to make money and become independent to live a better life with more luxuries.

I have seen that from my previous experiences that many newbies hesitate to start a online business. But it is not that tough.

Today, let’s know about affiliate marketing how it is done and how can we start making money through affiliate marketing and build an business online. I will walk you through how to make passive income by affiliate marketing.

let me give you an example, won’t it be great if you work one time and earn passively while sleeping?

It will be really delightful to see earnings coming to your dashboard passively over and over again. Before going to the depth of the topic, let’s first know about what is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a online business, where affiliates promote others product through their unique link and whenever a action is taken or the product is sold the affiliate gets a percentage of commission for that product.

How to start Affiliate marketing

Before you start your journey with affiliate marketing you should have a proper knowledge about that. To start affiliate marketing obviously you need

  • Products to promote
  • You need your audience
  • Traffic sources

Now let’s cover how to setup all these:

To start your journey do these steps

  1. Take a full course on affiliate marketing
  2. Select a Niche
  3. Signup to some affiliate programs
  4. Create a website
  5. Publish high quality content
  6. Build your audience

Important Tip: Work everyday at least two hours a day and keep working consistently with dedication and one day you will see your success.

Let me share a bonus trick with you, affiliate marketing not only includes selling a product you can earn in other ways also. Affiliate marketing has three types commission they are:

  1. Pay Per Click
  2. Pay Per Lead
  3. Pay Per Click

How to make money with affiliate marketing

We know that Affiliate marketing is a passive income source and we can generate a lot of money. So, to start earning big affiliate commissions, promote more products to your audience or you can use email marketing for more leads and sales. A best tip for you all: Join recurring affiliate commission programs to earn for a fixed amount of time and some programs offer lifetime commissions.

What is Recurring Commissions

Recurring -commission programs are those which involve getting commissions repeatedly. Recurring commissions can be for lifetime or for a particular amount of time.

Later then to expand your business more you can use advertising method. You can create ads on different services and pay them for the ads.

Some services to publish your ads:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Facebook ads
  3. Outbrain
  4. Mgid
  5. Revcontent

These services will create ads for you to get you more engagements for your website or clicks to your affiliate links.

Getting Traffics?

In affiliate marketing, getting traffic is a big challenge. But don’t worry I will tell you the best traffic sources where you will get thousands of visitors to your website and also potential customers who will buy the products promoted by you.

Best six traffic sources:

  1. Quora
  2. Facebook
  3. Reddit
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google ads
  6. Youtube

These are the best traffic syndication method to grow and be successful with affiliate marketing.

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