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Affiliate Marketing Tips: Getting started with these 5 steps

Making money online has now become a easy way. You can earn thousands of dollars of passive income every month. but it needs some hard work and consistency to build a successful business.

Today I will guide you about affiliate marketing. Do you want to build a passive income business from home?

If you want this tutorial will help you build your affiliate business.

Before that, I assure you if you follow this guide and work consistently you will be able to see results on your dashboards.

Let’s get started with our goal

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a online business where affiliates promote others product through their own link. And whenever a action or a product is sold the affiliate gets a percentage of commission.

Now I am going to take you through three business models of affiliate marketing and how the model works.

3 Business models in affiliate marketing

  1. Cost Per Action
  2. Cost Per click
  3. Cost Per Sale

What are these models and how does it work?

Let’s see how these three business models work.

Cost Per Action

With this business model, you don’t need to sale any digital or physical product. In this model, when you promote that offer if any action is taken without any sale for example: email signups, subscriptions, mobile installation, debit or credit card submit etc you will get paid. This model is running high and very competitive in the market.

Cost Per Click

This model is very simple, here it implies of clicking any offer that is promoted through your link and whenever anyone reaches to that particular offer through your link you will be paid some cents or dollars according to the offer commission. this model does not convert you much but still you can earn some extra money.

Cost Per Sale

Here in this model, it refers to selling a digital or physical product and whenever you are qualified to generate a sale you get a commission. This model is very popular in the market.

One advantage with model is there are lots of high ticket products from which you can earn high commissions.

Create a Website

When you start a online business, having a website plays a crucial role and it helps you build your business or company reach out to more people. In affiliate marketing, having an website is mandatory because it will help you connect with more people and reach out to potential customers.

A short quick guide for creating a website:

  1. You can use or hosting plan
  2. Buy a domain for your website
  3. Launch your website and start customizing it.

If you want full tutorial about creating a website then click this.

Now, we know how to create a website but how to optimize for SEO, and how to promote affiliate products and how can we promote the product?

After launching your site you must a blog page a page where you will write content give values to your customers and write content for them. And you can promote any types of affiliate products in your content and get clicks and sales.

Isn’t it simple?

Making a powerful content

To be a content writer you should be able to be a good organizer and should have some skills to make your content strong.

  1. Must have a proper idea about the topic
  2. Be a researcher about your content
  3. Having a good analysing skills

In affiliate marketing you can promote services, digital products and physical products. Let’s talk about which types of product is high in the market and what are the best products to promote?

Physical Product

These products are an good option for promoting because many people are involved with physical products. Physical products is bit lower in the market competition than digital products.

Digital Product

These products are indoubtedly treasurable and has high demand in the market. For examples: any pdf format file, any course, games or any e-books. Marketing these products aren’t easy you need to be very professional promoting these types of products.


This products might look hard to promote and very abstract. But if your promotional strategy is convincing it won’t be able a wrong option to promote. You can promote (SAAS) services or apps.

Run the Campaigns

Here comes an competitive and challenging work to run campaigns. How to run a successful campaign?

  • Start promoting and connect with social media accounts.
  • Create high quality content and grab your visitor into a targeted customer by using signup forms.
  • Create a email list.
  • Send emails to all your targeted customers.
  • Promote affiliate products through social media.
  • Study the analytics.

Be careful, in running the campaigns, don’t spam and give your visitor high quality contents and market products professionally to them. The steps are very important to run a successful campaign.

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